Will Somebody Shut me Up?

I am sure there are plenty of people in this world who have been waiting a long time for me to ask that question. Unfortunately for them, I am referring to my Cubbie ramblings. It has been almost three weeks since I have unleashed my ridiculous stream of consciousness to the public, and that is just not right. Also, as a heads up, I have had A LOT of Cubbie Kool-Aid lately. Even after the rough 7-5 loss to the Fish in the series finale, I am still riding high. And on to the ridiculousness that is my brain:

– Matt Murton is officially my favorite player

– When Barrett jumped up shaking his hand in obvious pain after his head first slide into second on Tuesday night I would have bet my life savings on two MORE broken bones, thankfully I did not bet

– Hey, if anyone ever finds “Carmen San Diego”, could you ask her if she has seen Carlos Zambrano lately

– By June we could have 6-7 quality starters….Maddux, Marshall, Wood, Prior, Zambrano, Miller and Guzman (told you I had a lot Kool-Aid)

– Joe Borowski struck out Juan Pierre to end Wednesday’s game, sorry, that is just weird

– Dwayne Wade is really good, oops tangent

– Ryan Dempster is the total opposite of bad

– Monday night’s comeback was special

– So is it safe to assume that Jacque Jones already received LaTroy’s “I told you so” phone call

– Oh and if Carmen San Diego points you towards Carlos, could you ask him if he has seen Aramis
Ramirez at all

– Am I the only one amazed that Dusty has yet to start Hairston and Neifi in the same game during the DLee DL stint

– I thought I was alone, but then I heard Harold Reynolds say that Ronny Cedeno will be the Rookie of the Year

– After watching Sean Marshall pitch, I am hoping that Guzman will sit on the other side of Maddux in the dugout during every game, seriously, there is an obvious connection here

– If Hendry did not do it last weekend, I was about to drive Jerome Williams to Iowa myself, heck I may have gone straight to West Tenn

– I hope that Dusty understands that Walk’s average slipped during the last serious because the Marlins made about 5 ridiculous defensive plays against him

– Though speaking of Dusty, I ask everyone to join me in standing in an ovation for Dusty’s squeeze bunt call on Tuesday night

– Again, who hid the Dusty dice, that was the SECOND squeeze attempt this month

– Shea Hillenbrand is not the answer at first base, neither is Carlos Pena, I saw Pena play for the Mud Hens in Toledo last June and he was not even hitting .300

– I was in Toledo for a wedding, just wanted to clarify

– I think Kevin Kennedy’s prediction that Derrek Lee will miss 90 games is absurd, so it will probably happen, but that is about 15 weeks of games

– Michael Barrett never stops hustling

– Is anyone else waiting for Maddux to give Barrett any ‘due propers’

– I am glad Joe Girardi has to deal with such a young and under-developed team, it will only make him better when he is the Cubs’ manager, oh it will happen

– At the same time I feel real bad for Girardi

– Len Kasper is really coming into his own

– Santo did a great job singing the stretch on Monday night and he should do it all the time

– Jason B. is a very good writer, I never know better, he always gets me in those columns

– And in honor of the 30th Anniversary of the event, here is my salute to Rick Monday, thank you very much sir

Well Cubs Faithful and readers of this esteemed website, I hope you enjoyed my randomness once again, there is plenty more to come, trust me on that. I am currently looking forward to sweeping Milwaukee and Pittsburgh right out of Wrigley in the coming games and going 7-1 homestand. Hey, that reminds me, I need to refill my Kool-Aid pitcher, it is empty.

Thanks for reading, feel free to drop me a line at [email protected] and until next time….

Stay Classy Cub Fans

Quote of the Day

"You can’t sit on a lead and kill the clock. You’ve got to give the other man his chance. That’s why baseball is the greatest game." - Earl Weaver