Talkin’ Cubs Live – The CCO Will Go Interactive

With the 2006 season just around the corner, there will be some changes and additions here at the CCO; this is one of the first additions. Nothing revolutionary….just a new addition. What would everyone think about an in game discussion or daily talk here at the CCO? We will post the report about game time, TV channel, XM channel and pitching match-ups 2 hours before game time. Whoever hears the lineup can post first and then if the Cubs make a great play, we can talk about it. If the Cubs make a bonehead play, we can talk about it….kinda the Ron Santo of the Internet.

We will name the columns, Talkin’ Cubs Live: Game 1 – Cubs vs. Reds or something like that. I think we can build a good community for the Cubs Faithful to talk about the Cubs while the games are happening and not just the day after. This might be a way for you and your buddies to talk about the game without having to use the phone or IM and engage with more of the Cubs Faithful at the same time. The following is the way your comments are approved at the CCO….

You are approved by your email address and amount of times you have commented. If you have commented here before, chances are you are approved to do so again. We are in the midst of approving some of the newer commentors. There are no fees and you will not become a part of an emailing scam. (I am the editor and administrator of the CCO and I will not allow that to happen.) I have seen that some people do not like to use their given name and that is fine, the only thing the CCO needs is a valid email address and once it is verified, you will be approved as simple as that. But here is the catch, if you do or say something offensive….we will email you (i.e. please no ‘f’ bombs). We can approve as many as would like to become a part of “Talkin’ Cubs Live”.

If you would like to be approved ahead of time, just email me and let me know….or leave a comment. You can reach me at [email protected] You guys will fuel this column.

Let’s Talk Cubbie Baseball….only 13 days left!!!!

Quote of the Day

"Don’t ever permit the pressure to exceed the pleasure." - Joe Maddon