Mark Prior and Derrek Lee….Say It Ain’t So!!!!

Mark Prior and Derrek Lee Have Shoulder Problems

Mark Prior To See Dr. Lewis Yocum on Wednesday, Derrek Lee Examined on Tuesday by Dr. Lewis Yocum

According to several reports out of Chicago from and the Associated Press, Mark Prior had shoulder stiffness on Tuesday before Prior took the mound for his scheduled session. According to the report from the AP, here is what Larry Rothschild said; “It wasn’t getting loose so we weren’t going to try it.” Mark O’Neal the Cubs trainer added, “He had some posterior cuff irritation that obviously we need to get evaluated.”

Derrek Lee visited Dr. Yocum on Tuesday after his left shoulder was bruised during the diving catch he made Sunday for Team USA during the WBC.
Updated – 9:00pm C.S.T. / 9:57pm C.S.T. is reporting that Derrek Lee is O.K., just bruised and the visit was precautionary. Derrek Lee may not return to the WBC for the rest of the tournament according to several other reports out of Chicago.

The CCO is gathering information. If any updates come in we will post.


9:00pm C.S.T. from Shaun

I have been listening to WGN 720 Chicago, since I got home from work and they had Andy Masur (I think, I tried to call WGN but it was busy) on Sports Central with Kaplan and Waddle. He said it could not be further away from truth that the Cubs were lying about Prior and his injury. He would not name his source but said someone he trusts that is a baseball player told him this is all brand new to the Cubs. He thinks this is a case of “dead arm” and might not be too serious. He said this was a precaution and they are playing it safe.

Like I said I am pretty positive it was Masur, but none of this is a direct quote all summarized.

9:57pm C.S.T.

WGN News at 9 is reporting that Prior’s visit to Dr. Yocum is just precautionary. Jim Hendry told Dan Roan that this is the first time the Cubs have been told of any problems that Mark Prior is having with his shoulder.

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