Prior Diagnosed With Strain….MRI Results Are In

Updated: 6:03pm C.S.T. – Prior Will Be Shut Down for 7-10 Days

According to a report from the Chicago Tribune, Mark Prior has been diagnosed with a strain in his right shoulder. Here is the entire report from Paul Sullivan released a short while ago:

MESA, Ariz. — Cubs pitcher Mark Prior was diagnosed with a strain in his right shoulder after an exam by Dr. Lewis Yocum, the Cubs said Thursday. Prior delayed his MRI exam until later in the day, but the Cubs were optimistic that no damage was found in the shoulder during the physical exam. Prior is unlikely to start the season in the rotation and the Cubs will meet with Yocum on Saturday on how to proceed with Prior’s rehab.

Check back for updates….this seems to be positive news.


According to a report on, the MRI results have been released. Here is the diagnosis:

An MRI arthrogram of Mark Prior’s right shoulder showed the Chicago Cubs pitcher has a moderate strain to his subscapularis, and he will not require surgery.

Cubs athletic trainer Mark O’Neal said Prior will be shut down from throwing for seven to 10 days. O’Neal will meet with the pitcher, orthopedic specialist Dr. Lewis Yocum and the Cubs medical staff on Saturday to discuss the next phase for Prior. The subscapularis is part of the rotator cuff group of muscles, located under the arm pit behind the pectoralis muscle.

If anything else is released, this post will be updated.

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