Oh No Soriano!

Todd Walker, Jerry Hairston or Nefi Perez……the Cubs choices at 2nd base, the battle at HoHoKam. Many wonder, why is there a battle? What is wrong with Todd Walker? Why would you want to trade him for a utility outfielder? Luis Matos? Walker had some nice numbers last year, AVG .305 | HR 12 | RBI 40 | OBP .355 | SLG .474.
OBP of .355 isn’t that what we are looking for in a bat? But the bat is not the concern of the Chicago Cubs, speed and defense is the concern of the Cubs. Speed and defense wins championships….the “other” Chicago team perfected such a theory.

So why would anyone want Soriano on their team? He might be the worst fielding 2nd baseman in the league. Since 2001 Soriano has accumulated 105 errors, an average of 21 errors per year. But we all look at his bat, his HR’s and RBI’s. Defense wins championships is not only the slogan for the NFL and the 2000 Baltimore Ravens….they won the Super Bowl with Trent Dilfer if you don’t remember. Don’t get me wrong 36hrs and 104 RBI’s would be great. But a booted ball a throwing error and a miscued double play will surpass the bat. Do you remember Alou for his bat, or his horrible base running? You’re only lying to yourself.

Jeff Kent has a pretty big bat at 2nd base, he hit .289/29HR/105RBI’s. Jeff Kent is considered a below average 2nd baseman. He has 59 errors since 2001, 46 less than Soriano. If Kent is below average, what is Soriano? Unfortunately we put on the blinders when the ball goes over the fence.

On ESPN 1000 Peter Gammons called Soriano the worst fielder in the league. He also mentioned that the Rangers kept him at 2nd rather than left because he is even worse catching popups….yes the MLB player is not good at catching popups.

No one wants Soriano; I just hope the Hendry isn’t the sucker that takes the bait. I don’t even know who I want trotting out to 2nd this year, but if you haven’t guessed I don’t think Soriano is the answer. If Soriano does not play today against the Cardinals, the Nationals have said they will put him on the disqualified list.

Maybe Alfonso Soriano will take a year off and if he does I suggest visiting Fred McGriff, I bet he will let you borrow one of his VHS training videos.

Until next time………..but always GO CUBBIES!!!!

PS…From 1984-1997, Ryne Sandberg had 95 errors.

Quote of the Day

"You can’t sit on a lead and kill the clock. You’ve got to give the other man his chance. That’s why baseball is the greatest game." - Earl Weaver