This Week in Cubs History – 03/12/06

March 12th – March 18th

Opening Day is getting closer with every breath we take, three weeks from Monday the Cubs open the 2006 Season in Cincinnati against the Reds and the CCO will be right behind the Cubs dugout to provide more coverage for the Cubs Faithful. Shaun is heading to Mesa at the end of the month to provide more coverage of Spring Training.

This was the week the Cubs gave Sosa the contract extension they are still paying for….the Cubs need to avoid March 16th for more than that reason….Kerry Wood and the birth of the White Sox also took place on that date. So as another week as come and gone, here is to being a week closer to Opening Day and now into the way back machine….

March 12

1971 – Randy Hundley (1966-1973, 1976-1977) suffered a badly sprained knee and only played nine games for the Cubs in 1971. Hundley played 160 games for the Cubs in 1968.

March 13

1986 – Hal McRae and his son Brian McRae (1995-1997) played together for the Royals in a Spring Training game against the Phillies. Hal was 39 and Brian was 18.
1954 – Hank Aaron made his debut after an injury to Bobby Thompson who had recently been acquired by the Braves

March 14

2003 – Kenny Lofton (2003) signed a 1-year deal with the Pittsburgh Pirates
1954 – Hank Aaron made his first start for the Braves and recorded three hits

March 15

1961 – Kirby Puckett, born
1925 – Cubs Shortstop Rabbit Maranville (1925) broke his leg sliding into third base during an exhibition game in Los Angeles. Maranville returned to the Cubs lineup on May 24th.

March 16

2001 – Sammy Sosa (1992-2004) signed a 4-year contract extension with the Cubs. The contract extension will keep Sosa with the Cubs until 2006. **Note – The Cubs are still paying for Sammy Sosa. The Cubs owe Sosa $3 Million Dollars for the 2006 season. This is the last season of that contract and have no more ties Sammy Sosa after this season.**
1999 – The 1998 National League Rookie of the Year, Kerry Wood (1998 to present) suffered a ligament tear in his right elbow. The surgery caused Wood to miss the entire 1999 season.
1984 – The Mets signed Jerry Martin (1979-1980)
1960 – The Red Sox traded Sammy White and Jim Marshall (1958-1959, Manager 1974-1976) to the Indians for Russ Nixon. The trade is later cancelled when White retired.
1900 – At an American League meeting in Chicago Ban Johnson announced that an AL team would be placed in Chicago, ensuring the stability of the league. In an agreement with the Chicago National League Ball Club officials, the AL club was placed on the Southside of Chicago and was permitted to use the nickname the “White Stockings”, formerly used by the NL team. However, the White Stockings were not able to use the word “Chicago” in their official name.

March 17

2005 – The Committee on Government Reform hearing concerning Major League player use of steroids took place. Sammy Sosa (1992-2004), Rafael Palmeiro (1986-1988), Curt Schilling, Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire were all in attendance.
1984 – Ferguson Jenkins (1966-1973, 1982-1983) was given his unconditional release by the Cubs. Jenkins was 6-9 with a 4.30 ERA in 1983.
1971 – Bill Mueller, born
1886 – The Sporting News published its first issue

March 18

1984 – Charlie Lau, hitting instructor, died

Maybe, just maybe the Cubs will make some history this week….now Back to the Future

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Quote of the Day

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