Happy Birthday….Cubs

This past Monday was the 104th Anniversary of the First Use of the Nickname “Cubs”

On March 27, 1902, the Chicago Daily News used the name “Cubs” for the first time in print. While there are varying accounts of how the nickname the “Cubs” actually came about, one thing that is consistent is the date of its first use. The nickname was coined when Frank Selee (1902-1905) became the new manger of the Chicago National League Ball Club. The nickname “Cubs” was derived from the new manager, Frank Selee, rebuilding the team with young, inexperienced players.

The Chicago National League Ball Club had many nicknames before settling on “Cubs”. The organization was the ‘White Stockings’ from 1870-1889, the ‘Colts’ from 1890-1897, the ‘Orphans’ from 1898-1901 and the ‘Remnants’ during the same time frame from 1898-1901. During the same time period the nickname “Cubs” was coined, the Chicago Tribune attempted to nickname the team the ‘Spuds’ but that name did not appeal to the fans. The club officially adopted the nickname “Cubs” in 1907. The Chicago National League Ball Club is the oldest team in the National League that has played in the same city since its existence. The Chicago organization was originally a part of the National Association.

The other story of the origin of the nickname “Cubs” is from a sports journalist that remarked the team played like bear cubs.

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