The Cubs Spring Training Report – 03/08/06

Wood’s Surgery Is A Success, Position Battles and Injury Updates, plus Six Degrees of Dusty Baker

According to a report on, Kerry Wood’s arthroscopic surgery on his right knee went well on Tuesday and could resume his shoulder program as early as today. The entire procedure only took 20 minutes. According to a report on Yahoo Sports from the Associated Press, Wood might begin light throwing drills in the next day or two. Speaking of the pitching staff, Mark Prior is scheduled to pitch batting practice on Thursday. In the same report, Aramis Ramirez received more treatment on Tuesday on his right ring finger. Ramirez left Monday’s game early after he showed discomfort during his first at bat against the Oakland A’s. Cubs’ trainer Mark O’Neal does not expect Ramirez to miss more than a couple of more days.

Here is the rest of the news from Mesa….

Scott Moore was pulled from Monday’s game after suffering a lacerated finger after sliding into second base. He received stitches at a local hospital.

Let the battle begin….Neifi Perez said in Tuesday’s Chicago Tribune that he wants to be a starter this season for the Cubs. Here is a little from the article:

“I do care about starting,” he said. “But I started out [as a backup] last year and look what happened. Let’s see what happens. If they need someone ready to play, they don’t know how [Cedeno] is going to be in the big leagues for a whole year. Ronny is a really good shortstop, but sometimes you need a veteran in the middle. So let’s see what happens. I’m not mad. I’m excited to be here.”

In the same article the Tribune stated that Dusty said on Monday that Ronny Cedeno has been pressing and Dusty wants Cedeno to himself. mentioned this position battle as well as the backend of the starting rotation. thinks Jerome Williams might be the 5th starter when and if Wade Miller returns and is effective and both Rusch and Williams will head to the bullpen if both Miller and Wood return. Back to the Neifi situation, I have said it before….if Neifi gets 250 at bats this season the Cubs are in trouble and if he gets 500 at bats the Cubs are in last place. Dusty must allow Ronny Cedeno a chance to fail in order to succeed.

The CCO’s favorite off-season grader released his new prospects list last week. Top Prospects: No. 11-20 does not mention any of the Cubs prospects but is still a good read, especially for those of you that play Fantasy Baseball or follow Minor League Baseball.

Now to “Six Degrees of Dusty Baker”…. Dusty said in a report on that he was unaware of steroid use by Barry Bonds which is detailed in a new book, “Game of Shadows”, featured in this week’s Sports Illustrated. If this book is true, it will set the world of baseball on fire. Let me know what you think….Do you believe Bonds? Do you believe Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams(the authors of the book)? Do you want to see Barry Bonds break Hank Aaron’s Record? ….the CCO wants to know!!!!

And last but not least….here is the recap and quotes from Derrek Lee on Tuesday after Team USA’s win over Team Mexico. GO DLEE!!!

Well that’s the news….and I’m sticking to it!!

Quote of the Day

"People who write about Spring Training not being necessary have never tried to throw a baseball." – Sandy Koufax