The Ifs, Ands or Buts….Any Predictions?

The ‘experts’ have made their predictions for the 2006 season, but what are yours?

The Cactus League games conclude on Saturday and the 25-man roster is all but said and done….So how do you think the Cubs will do in 2006? Go on the record and give your opinion on how the Cubs will do this season. What do you think their record will be? How will they finish in the division? No more saying at the end of the year….”I was right” and not having anything to back up your statement. How many of you predicted 2003? What about 2005? And then there is the legion of lifetime Sox fans that swear they saw last year coming. So how does the saying go? Put your money where your mouth is….well this one won’t cost you a dime.

Let’s start with these questions and you are welcome to add anything you want.

1) What will their record be?
2) Where will they finish in the division?
3) How about the playoffs?….do the 2006 Cubs have enough to play in October? (Playoffs!?!?! Playoffs!?!?!….had to throw in Jim Mora somewhere)
4) What is your over/under on games pitched and wins for Kerry Wood?
5) What is your over/under on games pitched and wins for Mark Prior?
6) What about Wade Miller?
7) Who is your sleeper pick? (This year’s D-Lee)
8) Will Dusty Baker still be managing the Cubs at the end of the season?
9) How many steals will Juan Pierre have at the end of the year?
10) Ryan Dempster is the closer now, will he still be closing games for the Cubs at the end of the season and if so, how many saves will he have?
11) Who will be the Cubs MVP?
12) Will Greg Maddux have a winning record this year?
13) Will Felix Pie be a factor in 2006?
14) Will Matt Murton have a sophomore slump?
15) Will Ronny Cedeno be a factor in 2006?

What are your thoughts? Are you excited about the upcoming season? ….anything and everything Cubbies baseball is game to talk about. For months we have been gearing up for Opening Day and now it is here.

Also, don’t forget the CCO goes live on Monday….two hours before game time. And if you are not already approved to participate drop me an email – [email protected] and get ready to talk baseball. The 2006 season is here….are you ready?

Quote of the Day

"Build up your weaknesses until they become your strong points." – Knute Rockne