Cubs Avoid Arbitration with Pierre and Ohman

Cubs Sign Juan Pierre and Will Ohman to 1-Year Deals

According to several reports out of Chicago this afternoon, the Cubs avoided arbitration with Will Ohman and Juan Pierre. According to the same reports, Pierre settled for $5.75 million and Ohman for $610,000.

Pierre was asking for $6.75 million and the Cubs offered $5 million. Ohman was asking for $775,000 and the Cubs offered $500,000. Just like Prior and Hariston, the Cubs met in the middle. Carlos Zambrano is the only arbitration eligible Cub that has yet to sign. Reportedly the hearing for Zambrano is set for February 18th.(updated date)

Will the Cubs still sign Pierre to a long-term deal? How about Zambrano?

Check back for updates.

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