Should Sosa Retire?

Sammy Sosa is Not Willing to Humiliate Himself this Season

The topic of conversation today, no matter how hard I tried to avoid it, was Sammy Sosa. Sosa was all of the radio and Internet about how he is contemplating retirement because he is ‘humiliated’ over the offer that the Washington Nationals have made him. Rob Dibble and Kevin Kennedy talked about Sosa and they think he should go out and play and do everything to finish his career on a positive note….go out as Smilin’ Sammy.

I thought I would let it go….the new season is right around the corner and it is time to turn the page….but the question kept running through my mind, should Sosa retire?

Everyday I read Buster Olney’s blog on and for those of you that do not I highly recommend it. His topic of the day….Sammy Sosa. Olney mentioned everything I was thinking of and even provided a link to Sosa’s career earnings total. I thought I would include it as well….$125 million and that does not count his endorsement deals.

I also received an email from one of the Cubs Faithful and here is what Greg had to say:

“According to a source close to Sammy, he is seriously contemplating retiring rather than accepting the Washington Nationals contract offer. Apparently Sammy feels that the lack of interest in his services is a further humiliation after the controversies over steroids and the corked bat incident a few years ago.

“Sammy wants to get to 600 home runs, but he’s not willing to humiliate himself to keep playing. He feels that the lack of interest in his services this winter constitutes a humiliation.” the source told

“Sammy doesn’t think of himself as someone who has to beg for a spot on a big league roster,” said the source.

I love Sammy, and was one of the fans that never forgot that his kisses after a homerun was for his mother, letting her know he never forgot where he came from, and one of the fans that never thought his ‘pop and a hop’ was showboating, but I think retirement may be the best thing for him.

If he could have one last year with 25-30 hr’s, he could put the steroid thing behind him and show that it was very possible for him to have legitimately earned the nickname the ‘Caribbean Bambino’.

Sammy, whatever you do, I wish you well, and I for one will never forget you used to shine shoes to support your family as a child and play baseball with a milk carton as a glove. You still have fans that will never forget you.”

I welcome any of you to leave your favorite memories of Sammy Sosa. Was it the hop? Was it the smile? Was it running out to right field at full speed before every home game? While I do not agree with what Sosa has done since that last day in 2004, there were 13 seasons full of memories that the Cubs Faithful should celebrate.

And we should all remember how good beisball was to Sammy!!!

Quote of the Day

"People who write about Spring Training not being necessary have never tried to throw a baseball." – Sandy Koufax