Deep Thoughts….In Late January….

In regards to the off-season, are you happy or are you mad? Are you excited or mad? Are you anxious or mad? Are you nervous or mad? Are you, well what are you?

Mad, that is the answer, not necessarily me, but almost every single Cubs fan I know. Why? What should they have done? I know this website has asked you that a few times, but they asked the right way, you had to be realistic. Sure Miggy Tejada would have been great, Barry Zito a phenomenal addition, even Rafael Furcal. But why, what does that promise, a World Series?

In 2004 and 2005, the Cubs Faithful believed in and expected to have a playoff team, but to no avail, in 1985 the Cubs were going all the way. Do you remember the month of March in 1984, 1989 or even 2003? You see what I am getting at? The Diamondbacks, Angels, Marlins, Red Sox and whoever it was last year, no one talked about them in March.

What happened the last time the Cubs had a qualified leadoff hitter? Sure the Cubs starting pitching staff have more surgeries and freak accidents than most, but what if, what if, just what if? Derrek Lee is in his prime, Aramis is back, and maybe Todd Walker will show everyone what the Cubs Faithful already knows, he can PLAY this game. Now I know Jacque Jones is not Alfonso Soriano or the aforementioned Furcal, but track down a Minnesota Twins’ fan and ask them about Jones. Heck, ask a White S….sorry just can’t type that word, but you get the point.

Jim Hendry was a hero two years ago; did he forget what he doing? I am like most fans, I wanted more this off- season, I expected more this off-season, but in no way have I written off this upcoming season. Baseball can be very unpredictable. I am cautiously optimistic, and that is without the help of Cubbie Kool-Aid. Look around the division; look around the league, other than the Mets, what happened? The Cardinals lost Reggie Sanders and Matt Morris. Roger Clemens cannot pitch until May, if at all for the Astros, and please do not bring up the Brewers or the Pirates. Trust me; Chris Capuano is only Cy Young material against the Cubs.

I know Ronny Cedeno is not Derek Jeter and Matt Murton is not Barry Bonds, but so what. The Cubs have as many bona fide stars as almost anyone else. You know who wins a World Series, Dave Roberts and Bill Mueller, that’s who. Big Popi would never have had a chance to be a hero without a stolen base, a ground ball and pure heart. The truth is we do not know what these players will become. Remember Kevin Elster? Remember Brady Anderson? When you least expect it, someone has ‘that year.’

Please do not dwell on not getting Furcal or Lugo. The Yankees could put every player in the All-Star game, and they have not won for five years. [Side note: I recently heard a Yankees fan complain about that, no, I am not lying.] Twenty five guys win a World Series, not one, and though one player can make a large impact, one player does not equal a World Series. Though my buddy Grady devised a deal that would bring Miguel Tejada to the Cubs for Aramis, and in turn Hank Blalock to the Cubs for Woody, I tend to think that may have already been discussed, if not, here’s hoping “someone” reads this column.

I like to travel to Vegas every March for the tournament and other such pleasures, and the Yankees are always the odds on favorite. There is that month again, March, but the last few years, not one Sports Book’s favorite won the World Series. So recently the Vegas masterminds are 0-5, here’s hoping they are 0-6!

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Stay Classy Cubs Fans

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