Patterson Could Be Traded This Week

January 8, 2006 – 10:30 pm C.S.T.

According to a late report on Sunday night by Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune. Corey Patterson is expected to be traded within the next few days. The report mentions the Baltimore Orioles, Washington Nationals and two other teams that were not named in the report. Sullivan also mentions Todd Walker being on the trading the trading block.

The article states, “The Cubs are hoping to get one or two prospects for Patterson or a disgruntled player another organization is trying to shed. The Nationals may be trying to trade recently acquired second baseman Alfonso Soriano, in whom the Cubs had interest when he was with Texas. The Cubs, though, would have to include at least one pitcher in such a deal, and Jerome Williams appears expendable.”

Check back for updates. If anything happens you will be able to read about your Cubbies here and in ‘Cubs News from the Wire’. (scroll down)

Updated: January 9 – 6:00 am C.S.T.

Reports from the Chicago Sun-Times and Daily Herald are basically saying the same about Patterson being traded in the next few days. The reports mention different teams, but all 3 say that Patterson will be traded and Todd Walker is next. The Sun-Times and Daily Herald both say Neifi Perez could be the starting second baseman coming out of Spring Training.

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