Chicago Cubs Online and The Mendoza Line

The Best of the First 200 Posts on Chicago Cubs Online….and What’s Next for the CCO

As baseball fans we all know what The Mendoza Line is, those that stay above it usually have a decent, but short career in the Major Leagues and end up in the commons bin in your local baseball card shop….those that drop below it we hardly get to know their name. But in this case 200 is something different….

Not only am I a Cubs fan and a sports fan in general, I have always been a huge aficionado of Pop Culture. I was raised during the 70’s, my childhood was influenced by the Fonz, the Six Million Dollar Man and Evel Knevel. As I grew older the TV shows and events all changed, but one constant remained….they all celebrated their 200th episode. Usually it was a best of, but sometimes it was something new. Pop culture has changed and few TV shows stand the test of time to make 200 episodes anymore. So to borrow the idea from those idealists of my childhood, I would like to do a best of the first 200 posts on Chicago Cubs Online.

Some of you have been with me since the Bleeding Northside Blue (BNB) days and some of you might be brand new. Believe it or not, there were days here at the CCO before the off-season rumors, before the CCO Fantasy Baseball Insider and before Brian McCabe’s great recaps of the 2006 Cubs Convention.

Chicago Cubs Online has a lot planned for the upcoming season. The CCO will be at Spring Training and Opening Day in Cincinnati and will continue to be your online source for Chicago Cubs baseball. Jason will continue to talk Fantasy Baseball and I am very pleased to announce that Brian McCabe will be a regular contributor to the CCO.

I would like to thank Jason, “Uncle Gerry” and Brian for their posts on Chicago Cubs Online, Chad Cannon for his Kerry Wood pictures and to all of you for your comments that fuel the fire of the Hot Stove.

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I wonder what the next 200 will say….

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