2006 Cubs Convention – The Last Day

The 2006 Cubs Convention is over, but do not forget to check all of the daily recaps. There was a little bit of news in the Cubs Rumor Mill over the weekend. I would like to thank Brian for his great coverage of the Cubs Convention for Chicago Cubs Online. Here is Day 3 of the Cubs Convention….

As I walked into the final day of the Cubs Convention many people were on there way out, as the final day had little on the agenda. I attended the “Down on the Farm” panel featuring Oneri Fleita, Cubs Farm Director, and Tim Wilken, the new director of scouting. Matt Murton and Sean Gallagher, minor league pitcher of the year, also sat on the panel.

The Farm system is such an integral part of a Baseball Organization, so it was great to hear from the people managing it, a player who is currently in it, and Murton, who was promoted to the big league club during the second half of 2005. Many questions focused on Felix Pie and his health. Fleita said the Pie has fully recovered from his ankle injury, and though he did not play well in Winter Ball, the Cubs are very excited about the coming year. Angel Guzman was also the focus of many questions and Fleita said he is back to throwing in the mid 90’s and they think he is on his way to becoming the player they thought he would be.

Cubs Scouting Director Tim Wilken was just hired three weeks ago. Dave Otto, who emceed the panel, rattled off some of Wilken’s accomplishments. For the past 13 years the player Wilken drafted in the first round has made it to the major leagues. That is absolutely incredible, and I am very happy he is a part of the Cubs. Wilken and Fleita have great credentials and Cubs fans should be very excited to have these two men overseeing the “Farm.”

It was a great experience to attend the Convention this year, and I look forward to many more. I met many people this weekend and though they come from all walks of life, we all have one thing in common, Cubbie blue! Cubs’ fans are tried, tested and true, but they are heartbroken. They love baseball, they love the history and they love the players. Every single fan shares at least one thing in common….Hope. The hope that one day they will experience “The Moment.”

Not Brant Brown, not Steve Bartman, not even a goat will keep Cubs fans from following their team, it is entrenched in their blood, in their souls, and will only grow stronger with each new season, with each new free-agent signing and with each walk off homerun. If you don’t believe, spend a few hours at the Cubs Convention!

We dream about that moment, the moment when our brain realizes that the final out was made and the Beloved Cubs have won the World Series. Until that happens, we will go to the games, watch on television, and debate in bars and for those lucky enough, attend the annual convention, all dreaming of that Moment. It has been 98 years, and no matter what, Cubs fan will wait for 98 more, if they have to!

Stay classy Cubs fans

Quote of the Day

"Don’t ever permit the pressure to exceed the pleasure." - Joe Maddon