The Cubs Off-Season Report – To Arbitrate or Not to Arbitrate

Arbitration Eligible: 5 Cubs Will State Their Case Today For A Raise

January 17, 2006….the deadline for Major League teams to file salary figures for arbitration eligible players. Juan Pierre, Mark Prior, Carlos Zambrano, Will Ohman and Jerry Hariston, Jr. are all arbitration eligible.

Salary Arbitration started prior to the 1974 season and was designed to provide a fair way to decide player’s salaries that are under contract with their current team. The arbitration process attempts to provide a player with approximately the same amount they would receive on the free agent market, although most get less.

Arbitration was thought of as a way to keep the MLBPA from pushing for free agency. Free agency officially started in 1976. Unlike the other major sports, baseball does not have ‘hold outs’ and that is the biggest benefit of arbitration. If the two sides cannot agree on a figure, it goes to an independent arbitrator. Each side submits a figure and the arbitrator decides which is the most fair.

Since Andy MacPhail joined the Cubs in 1995, there has not been a single Cub to go to arbitration. The Major League Baseball Arbitration Hearings are scheduled for February 1st – February 20th.

This week in 1961, Mickey Mantle signed a $75,000 contract to play 1 year for the New York Yankees, he was the highest paid player in the American League that season……

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