The Cubs Off-Season Report – 01/05/06

Cubs News, Spring Training Tickets, XM Radio, Mark Prior and who is Jeff Weaver?

Well just as I thought Tuesday was going to be the start of a very interesting week, Wednesday came to a grinding halt….with a few exceptions. A report late on Wednesday from AP (that I found in ‘Cubs News From the Wire’) said Mark Prior voided the last year of his contract and is now arbitration eligible. Another report from the Chicago Tribune went into further details. The Cubs still have the rights on Prior until 2008; he is just going to cost them more. Both reports state the Cubs have known about this since November.

With Spring Training Tickets going on sale this morning at 10:00am and the Cubs Convention right around the corner, there is going to be plenty to keep the Cubs Faithful busy over the next few days….here is the rest that happened on Wednesday.

As usual let’s start with XM Radio. The Cubs and Jeff Weaver was brought up several times on Wednesday. Although none of the reports said the Cubs have shown interest….it peaked my interest. I have heard reports about Weaver seeking a 3-4 year contract in the $40 million dollar range. I have never thought much of Weaver. He seems to have a lot of talent that has never been materialized. When Buck Martinez was asked about the possibility of Weaver ending up in Chicago, Martinez said Weaver would make a lot of sense for the Cubs.

I looked up Weaver’s stats and here is what I found: In 2005 with the Dodgers, Weaver was 14-11 with a 4.22 ERA in 34 games. He pitched 224.0 innings with a 1.17 WHIP. Weaver’s career numbers are 78-87 with a 4.44 ERA and a 1.32 WHIP. Weaver has started over 30 games for the last 2 seasons averaging 222.0 innings pitched.

I would like to know what everyone thinks of Jeff Weaver in a Cubs’ uniform….let’s discuss….

Buck Martinez continued to sing the praises of the Cubs additions to the bullpen and said Howry, Eyre and Dempster are very impressive. Martinez said this is one of the most active off-seasons in many years and the proof is the signing of Kevin Millwood on December 29th.

Ronnie Lane mentioned on Wednesday night, XM Radio will be at the Cubs Convention next week. Speaking of the Cubs Convention, you will be able to get coverage of the Cubs Convention here….CCO style.

Several former Cubs signed with new teams on Wednesday. Jeromy Burnitz inked his deal according to several reports, including one on I asked the question yesterday….What is going on in Baltimore? This once proud franchise has become a place no one wants to go play. Speaking of Burnie, Jeff Erickson from said he does not like the signing of Burnitz by the Pirates and he thinks the signing backs them into a corner with other teams concerning Craig Wilson. Erickson said the signing of Burnitz should be an end to Wilson’s days in Pittsburgh. According to, the Cleveland Indians have shown interest in trading for Craig Wilson.

Shawn Estes (2003) signed with the San Diego Padres according to reports on and XM Radio. And a late report on XM Wednesday night mentioned Terry Mullholland (1997-1999) signed a Minor League deal with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Our favorite off-season grade giver, Dayn Perry on started his list on Wednesday of the ‘Top 100 MLB Prospects of 2006’. This is a very interesting read and although he does not mention a single Chicago Cub in prospects 91-100, the CCO will keep track of this and post a link everyday when possible. posted a report on Wednesday titled, “Call to arms reworks game’s rotations”. The article reviews the projected starting rotations of all the Major League teams. The health of the Cubs rotation is mentioned along with Rich Hill and Angel Guzman.

Remember to check in with the CCO for your updated Cubs News, if it happens you will be able to read about your Cubbies here and in ‘Cubs News from the Wire’.

Well, that’s the news and I’m sticking to it!!

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