Wrigley Field Under Construction

Wrigley Field Construction Photos

After all of the Thanksgiving turkey, football, family and friends, the snow starts to fall and the cold winter winds are howling. What is there to do? Many stay inside and watch movies or go out and start their Christmas shopping…. not me. I headed out to the old ball field at 1060 West Addison. Doesn’t everyone go to Wrigley Field at the end of November? You’d be surprised to know how many Cubs fans were around Wrigley and shopping for Cubs merchandise in November….it was amazing!!! I found the Wrigleyville Sports store and it was packed with people wearing Cubbie blue and buying all of the Cubs stuff they could get their hands on (including me)….and they say “..Chicago is now a Sox town”….I don’t think so!!! Trust me….The Northside is alive and well.

I had to see the construction progress for myself. I have seen all the pictures on the Internet, but none of them do it justice. It was amazing to stand on Waveland and Sheffield Avenue and be able to see directly into Wrigley. The walls are down and construction was at full swing and I brought back pictures for all to see….

I started my journey by illegally parking at the McDonald’s across the street and proceeded to walk all the way around Wrigley. It was very interesting to see all of the change right before my eyes. There was an entrance to one of the construction zones open and I attempted to walk in. I took one step across the imaginary line….and a voice came from behind a wall, ‘You must stop there’….I looked around and I could see no one and then the voice again ‘You can take pictures, but you must stop there’. It was like the scene from the Wizard of Oz, who is behind that wall? ….and then a very nice man came out from behind the wall and I talked to him for a couple of minutes.

It was wild to be walking around without all of the fans and the frenzy of game day. Just a normal neighborhood with this HUGE park in the middle of it. How can the happiest place on earth have so many ghosts? I actually ran into a family and took pictures of them in front of Wrigley….how cool and at the end of November (I know this does not help my tourist argument….but). These pictures were taken on Saturday, November 26th. I hope you enjoy….

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There was an article in the Chicago Sun-Times on Saturday, November 19th about the price increases to be expected at Wrigley in 2006. There will be additional prime dates and night games. The highest-priced club box seat will be $54 and $65 dollars per game. Bleacher seats will cost $30 and $40 dollars per game. There will be 6 lower cost value games with the cost being $34 for a box seat and $15 dollars for a bleacher seat. The Cubs will designate 44 games as ‘prime’ dates, compared to 40 in 2005 with 31 regular dates and six value dates.

Hopefully the change of Wrigley will bring a change at Wrigley in 2006.

119 days until Opening Day 2006 in Cincinnati.

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