A Kerry Wood Sighting – Part Two

Another View of A Kerry Wood Sighting

Congratulations to the Chicago Bears on beating the Green Bay Packers on Christmas Day and winning the season series for the first time since 1991. The Chicago Bears – 2005 NFC North Division Champions

On December 15th I ran a post entitled ‘A Kerry Wood Sighting’. I was at one of Woody’s rehab assignments last summer in Nashville. It was fun to see Kerry Wood at a minor league facility. To my surprise a reader of the CCO and another one of the many Cubs Faithful was in attendance. Chad Cannon attended the same game and he was gracious enough to share his experience and some great pictures with me….I thought I would pass them along….

This is what Chad had to say about Kerry Wood: “….Also, I wanted to let you know I was at that game in Greer as well. I was living in Nashville and my fiancee worked for the Nashville Sounds. I was sitting behind home plate too. I have some really good pictures. He also signed one of his bats for me. He was an amazing guy the whole time he was there. He came and hung out in the front office as well. I had a much deeper appreciation for Kerry as a guy. I think he has electric stuff, if he could only stay healthy. It took Nolan Ryan and Randy Johnson a while to gain control and figure it out….”

It is really great to hear about Kerry being a ‘nice guy’. With all of the bad rap that professional athletes receive, I am glad Kerry knows how to treat his fans.

If any of you have pictures you would like to share that is relevant to a post you read on the CCO (especially the Wrigley Field construction), feel free to email them to me. [email protected]

I really like the one with Ronny Cedeno in the background, VERY COOL….this could be the first of many with Wood and Cedeno in the same shot. Thanks again Chad….enjoy the pics, I know I did….

wooddugoutpub.jpg woodOn Deckpub.jpg woodpitcher and shortpub.jpg woodWalking to Dugoutpub.jpg

Jim Hendry was on Baseball 365 on Christmas Eve (scroll down) for my notes from that interview.

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Quote of the Day

"You can’t sit on a lead and kill the clock. You’ve got to give the other man his chance. That’s why baseball is the greatest game." - Earl Weaver