Breaking News – The Cubs Sign Jacque Jones

The Cubs Agree to Terms With Free-Agent Jacque Jones

According to a report on XM Radio, the Cubs just agreed to terms with free-agent right fielder Jacque Jones. The report stated a 2-year deal and financial terms were not disclosed.

I will update as more news becomes available.

Updates:,, Yahoo Sports and the Associated Press are reporting a 3-year, $16 million dollar deal. XM just corrected their report and have stated it is a 3-year, $16 million dollar deal.

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12/20 – 8:24pm C.D.T. – More Updates from Seth Everett and an interview on XM with Jim Hendry….

Jacque Jones Signing Continued….

This signing was all over XM Radio. Holden Kushner likes the deal and thinks the Cubs are now the favorite in the Central. He thinks this is a great signing for the Cubs.

Seth Everett from was on with Holden and he said Jones is an upgrade from Burnitz and will be the best option the Cubs have had in right field since Sosa’s heyday. Everett likes Jones but says he has a lot of improvement to make and he is under achieved during his career, but has the tools to be better. Everett says Jones is above average defensively, but he is curious as to how he will perform in right field at Wrigley. Everett thinks Jones’ defense was a product of the turf in Minnesota. Holden asked Everett about the Cubs now being the favorite in the Central Division and Everett disagreed and said the Cubs will not do anything in 2006 without a healthy Kerry Wood and Mark Prior. Everett says the St. Louis and Houston starting rotations are still better. He said the Cubs have a lot of question marks surrounding them and the Cards, Astros and Brewers will be VERY good in 2006. Everett said teams win pennants with the front end starters not the number 4 starter and he is not sure how good Maddux could be and without a healthy Prior the Cubs will not do well. He also mentioned he does not like the signing of Howry and Eyre.

Holden Kushner questioned Jones’ numbers being down on him not being happy in 2005 with the Twins. Jones’ numbers were better in 2004 (.254/24/80/.315/.427) than in 2005 (.249/23/73/.319/.438).

Holden then got Jim Hendry on the radio right after the press conference….here is what Hendry had to say:

Hendry feels the Cubs had to have Jones. He said the Cubs gave up a lot for Juan Pierre and did not want to do that again so the only option was to get a free agent. Hendry said Dusty was a big factor in the signing of Jones and he is a good fit for the Cubs. The Cubs scouts feel Jones will be a good fit at Wrigley and he has a great arm and can play all 3 spots in the outfield. Holden asked Hendry about his numbers being down and Hendry responded with all of the injuries the Twins had in 2005 made Jones feel like he had to carry the load for the Twins offense and swung at too many bad pitches to try to make something happen. Kushner asked Hendry where he sees Jones hitting in the lineup and Hendry said that is Dusty’s decision. Hendry said the Cubs could add another bat before the start of the season which could effect Jones position in the lineup. Hendry said he and the scouts feel Jones could be a .275-.280/25-30 home run guy for the Cubs. Kushner asked Hendry about the outfield and Hendry said the Cubs are planning on Murton (LF), Pierre (CF) and Jones (RF) for the 2006 season.

Holden then asked about Patterson’s future with the Cubs. Hendry said he is going to do what is best for Patterson and the Cubs. Patterson has had a lot of interest from other teams. Kushner asked about what other areas the Cubs are looking to improve on and the difference Hendry sees between last year and the upcoming season. Hendry said the Cubs will have more versatility, will be able to run more and the top of the line-up with Pierre will be a lot better. Hendry brought up how excited the Cubs are about Ronny Cedeno and if Aramis Ramirez can stay healthy he likes the direction the team is taking for the 2006 season. Hendry also said Pie will be a BIG part of the future for the Chicago Cubs.

If I hear anything else….I will update.

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