Cubs Make Offer to Orioles – Tejada/Prior Trade

Cubs Offer Mark Prior, Rich Hill and Corey Patterson to the Orioles for Miguel Tejada and Erik Bedard

According to reports on ESPN 1000 in Chicago, Bruce Levine is reporting the trade that would send Mark Prior, Corey Patterson and Rich Hill to the Orioles for Miguel Tejada is on the table and the Cubs are waiting for a reply from the Orioles.

Bruce Levine is supposed to be on ESPN 1000 this afternoon with further details.

I will update if there is any news to report.

Update: 4:53 pm C.D.T. – 12/27/05

Levine did not mention any new developments on his interview on ESPN 1000. Levine did say there are several reports on the Internet indicating Levine had reported the trade had been done. These REPORTS ARE FALSE accoding to Levine and people need to start listening before reporting.

I will have other notes from his interview in tomorrow’s Cubs Off-Season Report.

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