Cubs Off-Season Rumors – Chapter Twenty

More Cubs Rumors

On the eve of the Winter Meetings all of the Cubs Faithful were up in arms over Rafael Furcal agreeing to terms with the Los Angeles Dodgers. I still see that as being good news for the Cubs. When was the last time a free agent actually worked out for the Cubs? Does anyone remember Todd Hundley? Time to regroup and go forward….remember Jim Hendry pulled the Derek Lee trade out of nowhere 2 years ago….and he can do it again.

Before I start with the Cubs Rumor Mill and Major League Hot Stove, I want to let everyone know about 2 things. There is a post (scroll down) on the Wrigley Field construction project. These were taken over the Thanksgiving weekend. Also, I would like to welcome a new addition to Chicago Cubs Online, ‘Another View from A Lifelong Cubs Fan’. I have known Jason for more than 10 years and I think his perspective will add to Chicago Cubs Online….enjoy.

I have updates on Juan Pierre, Nomar Garciaparra, Johnny Damon, Milton Bradley, Joey Gathright, Bobby Abreu, Todd Walker, Jacque Jones, Corey Patterson, Kerry Wood, Alfonso Soriano, Julio Lugo, Kevin Mench, Jarrod Washburn and an interesting tidbit from Steve Henson from the L.A. Times on the Dodgers signing Rafael Furcal.

Let’s start with the tidbit about Rafael Furcal. Steve Henson from the L.A. Times was on with Holden Kushner (XM Radio) on Sunday afternoon discussing the Dodgers recent signing of Furcal. Henson mentioned that Furcal said the Dodgers have the best infield in baseball and the Dodgers organization is well respected by everyone from the Dominican Republic. Apparently Furcal was within hours of signing with the Cubs when the Dodgers stepped in. According to Henson, Furcal never met with Ned Colletti but did meet with high-ranking Dodger officials….and Colletti never talked with Furcal….not even over the phone. Henson went on to explain, after the Dodgers lost Brian Giles, Furcal was all that was left and the Dodgers do not want to trade prospects because Colletti is not sure of what he has. Henson said the Dodgers had to overpay for Furcal….and they did and the Dodgers want to sign a starting pitcher and maybe Bill Mueller or Joe Randa.

As all of the Cubs Universe searched for answers on Sunday morning, there were very interesting articles in both the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times.

The article in the Tribune by Phil Rogers mentioned the possibility of the Cubs being involved in a 3-team trade involving Barry Zito and the Oakland A’s where Zito could end up with the Cubs. (click here for the entire article) The Arizona Diamondbacks are interested in Corey Patterson and might consider a trade for Shawn Green. Rogers also goes onto mention a possible return to the Northside for Luis Gonzalez. He also said Nomar has gotten interest from Oakland, Minnesota, Baltimore, the Angels and Red Sox. Rogers also says the Cubs would have to deal Ronny Cedeno to Tampa Bay for Joey Gathright. I do not know how much of this article is wishful thinking, but it is a good read.

The Sun-Times article by Mike Kiley was just as interesting. (click here for the entire article) The article mentions the Cubs are now in the Julio Lugo sweepstakes and Lugo would help the Cubs leadoff problems. Kiley mentions if the Cubs acquire Lugo, that would put Ronny Cedeno at second base and maybe reduce his role. On the Tampa Bay website they list Lugo as being their second baseman and if memory serves me he played second base for the Houston Astros. Could Lugo be a better option than Furcal?

There are several reports (even on XM) about the Cubs possibly trading Kerry Wood, Corey Patterson and Todd Walker to the Texas Rangers for Alfonso Soriano and Kevin Mench….if all of these rumors come true the Cubs lineup will be all right handers.

According to the Palm Beach Post the Cubs are still in the running for Juan Pierre although the Yankees are still the favorite. The Marlins are willing for Pierre to become a free agent and they are very interested in Joey Gathright becoming a Marlin. According to an article in the Daily Southdown with Furcal signing, the Cubs interest in Pierre, Johnny Damon, Milton Bradley and Joey Gathright have increased. The same article mentions the White Sox are still interested in Pierre. With the trade on Sunday night that sent Paul Lo Duca from the Marlins to the Mets (again for 2 prospects), look for Pierre to be traded VERY SOON.

According to the Daily Herald the Cubs are talking with the Phillies about a trade for Bobby Abreu that would include Todd Walker and the Cubs have also contacted free-agent outfielder Jacque Jones. I really like the idea of Abreu becoming a Cub and I have heard a lot of rumblings about the Cardinals interest in Abreu. Note to Jim Hendry: PLEASE ACQUIRE Bobby Abreu and Keep Him Away From The (blankin’) CARDINALS!!

A report came out on Sunday that Scott Boras is looking for a 7-year, $84 million dollar contract for Johnny Damon. WOW!!!

The Milwaukee Brewers have shown interest in Jarrod Washburn according to a report on XM Radio.

Corey Patterson has yet to decide if he is going to play winter ball in Puerto Rico according to Sunday’s article in the Sun-Times. I really hope he becomes an ex-Cub this week….Hendry must find him a change of scenery.

The Winter Meetings start today and don’t forget to check back to see if any news rolls in ‘Cubs News from the Wire’. This should be a wild week and hopefully one that will end up with that sign reading ‘AC000000’.

Well, that’s the news (Cubs rumors) and I’m sticking to it!!

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