The Cubs Off-Season Report – Grading on the Cubs

What grade would you give the Cubs?

The Major League Hot Stove took a break on Thursday and the only news was the Florida Marlins signing former Cub Joe Borowski to a one-year deal. There were reports on XM Radio about the Red Sox interest in Julio Lugo, but other than that a VERY quiet day. As I was doing my ‘homework’ on Thursday I ran across an article on that really CAUGHT MY EYE.

On December 20th I posted an article about the ‘Inactivity of the Cubs’ this off-season. I discussed what the Cubs have done since their last game in Houston. There has been a lot of concern from the Cubs Faithful about the decisions Jim Hendry and company have made and not made so far this winter. While I do not agree with some of the moves (Perez & Rusch), I do agree with other moves they have made (Pierre, Howry & Eyre).

There was a pair of articles by Dayn Perry posted on grading the teams in the National League and American League on their off-season moves. The articles were posted on December 27th and to this point Perry gives the Cubs a ‘D-‘, the worst grade given to any team in either league.

Here is what Perry said about the Cubs: “Off-season grade so far: D-. Pierre is roundly overrated, and the Jones signing smacks of a “well, we’ve got to do something” manner of non-move. The addition of Tejada would make the Cubs a contender, otherwise they’ll be battling to stay out of fourth place in the Central.” Perry gave the White Sox an ‘A’, the only team he gave that high a grade.

Ronnie Lane on XM Radio was discussing this topic on Thursday night. As usual there were a ton of calls about the Cubs (and then the Cardinal & White Sox fans putting down the Cubs fans). Lane said he liked the moves the Cubs have made so far but did not rank the Cubs in his ‘Top 5 List of the Best Off-Season Moves’. Lane did mention the Brewers in his list but told a caller “something with the Cubs is just not working”. Lane said the Cubs need to add a bat to be a contender, but likes the addition of Pierre. He went on to say he likes the starting rotation and bullpen of the Cubs.

While the Cubs have addressed two of their issues from last season (leadoff and bullpen) the discussion here at the CCO has leaned toward the Cubs needing to add another starting pitcher and another bat. I must say I agree and I have mentioned the moves I would like to see the Cubs make (Julio Lugo), but do the Cubs deserve the worst grade in the either league?

So here is my question for the last Friday of 2005, what grade would you give the Cubs to this point in the off-season? Am I wearing blue tinted glasses? I have not received my check from the Tribune Company yet, so I do not think the Cubs deserve the worst grade in the league. Give me your grade and back it up, I want to know.

I have some interesting posts planned for the weekend, but if any news breaks….you will be able to read about your Cubbies here.

From everyone at Chicago Cubs Online….Happy New Year!!!!

Quote of the Day

"People who write about Spring Training not being necessary have never tried to throw a baseball." – Sandy Koufax