The Cubs Off-Season Report – 12/14/05

More Cubs Rumors

The Cubs Rumor Mill and Hot Stove Report had a couple of moves on Tuesday. Late in the day, XM Radio and Fox reported the trade of Milton Bradley to the Oakland A’s along with second baseman Antonio Perez for Minor League outfielder Andre Ethier. I was so HAPPY to hear Bradley had gone to Oakland I raced to the computer to post the news. I am so glad this saga of the off-season is over. The other major news concerned Nomar. Apparently the Yankees have offered Nomar a contract according to the New York Post and he could become their new first baseman. It would be strange to see Nomar in a Yankee uniform, but that option is better than the one I heard later in the day….the Astros. According to a report on XM Radio, the Astros are interested in Nomar playing left field and backing up Adam Everett at shortstop. That would kill me….I could no longer root for Nomar….I really hope he stays out of Houston.

I have updated news on Matt Clement, Jacque Jones, Julio Lugo, Felix Pie, Bill Mueller, Jarrod Washburn, Kevin Millwood, Jermaine Van Buren, Kevin Mench, Adam Dunn, Javier Vazquez, Brad Wilkerson and Corey Patterson.

A report from the Boston Globe said the Red Sox are looking at trading Matt Clement to the Mariners for Jeremy Reed if they cannot work out a new contract with Johnny Damon.

Jacque Jones was all over the news on Tuesday. Besides the report in the Chicago Sun Times, a report on XM said there are currently two offers on the table for Jones, but they could not confirm which teams. Another report on XM and ESPN said the Kansas City Royals have offered Jones a 3-year, $15 million dollar deal. Jones said on Tuesday that he would not accept arbitration from the Twins.

The Texas Rangers formally introduced Brad Wilkerson on Tuesday and said Wilkerson is not on the trading block.

Peter Pasquerelli was on XM’s morning show on Tuesday discussing the Major League Hot Stove. Pasquerelli said Julio Lugo would be a good fit in Boston and the Devil Rays really wanted to get Andy Marte from the Braves and the hold up was a young pitcher the Devil Rays wanted. Pasquerelli also thinks Bill Mueller could still end up with the Dodgers, although the Pirates did add a year to their offer to Mueller. Pasquerelli finds this interesting due to Mueller’s knee problems. He brought up how good the Pirates could be in 2006. He also thinks teams will over pay for free-agent pitchers Jarrod Washburn and Kevin Millwood.

On December 2nd, I reported the Cubs had traded Jermaine Van Buren to the Red Sox and that information is correct. I learned on Tuesday, the Cubs had actually designated Van Buren for assignment.

A report on XM on Tuesday said the Mariners have contacted the Reds about the availability of Adam Dunn.

Kevin Mench was all over the place on Tuesday. There were several reports that indicated the Blue Jays and Astros are very interested in Mench. Ronnie Lane said Mench would be a good fit in right field for the Cardinals and Mench was actually on Ronnie Lane’s show Tuesday night on XM. Lane asked Mench about the trade rumors and asked Mench if he was to be traded where would he like to go. Mench’s response was Atlanta and he said he likes it in Texas and he does not want to leave.

The Chicago Sun Times reported on Tuesday that Felix Pie would likely start the 2006 season at AAA Iowa.

Several reports out of Chicago on Tuesday said the White Sox are looking to trade for Javier Vazquez and Jon Garland or Jose Contreras could be involved in the trade. Both Garland and Contreras will be free agents after the 2006 season.

I was listening to Fantasy Focus on XM Radio on Tuesday and Jeff Erickson from RotoWire brought up Chad Tracy from the Arizona Diamondbacks. I have not heard this….but I wonder with the reported interest the Diamondbacks have in Corey Patterson, could Hendry work a trade that would land Tracy in Chicago. Chad Tracy did play 51 games in the outfield for the D’Backs in 2005 and his numbers are good (.308 / 27 / 72 / .359 / .553)….just a thought and speaking of Patterson….

Could the Cubs do what the Dodgers just did with Milton Bradley? The rumor was the Dodgers were not going to offer arbitration to Bradley. Patterson is arbitration eligible and all of the indications are Patterson will not return with the Cubs in 2006. If the Cubs do not want to offer arbitration to Patterson, look for him to be traded before December 20th.

The next few days should be interesting. December 20th is the last day for teams to tender 2006 contracts to unsigned players. Those not tendered become free agents. Remember to check back for your Cubs Off-Season reports. If anything happens it will be in ‘Cubs News from the Wire’ and you will be able to read about the Cubbies here.

Well, that’s the news (Cubs Rumors) and I’m sticking to it!!

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