The Cubs Off-Season Report – 12/31/05

More Cubs Rumors and Hot Stove

Friday was supposed to be a slow day; this has been the wildest off-season I can remember. For the Cubs Faithful….Is it because the ‘Wrongsiders’ just won the World Series or is it just because we are all fascinated by baseball? I know baseball is at the height of its popularity. ABC Family is showing baseball movies tonight….on New Year’s Eve, the day before the last day of the NFL regular season….UNBELIEVABLE. Most people are on vacation, but the Hot Stove is not cooling off….

Contrary to most reports, Miguel Tejada is still on the trading block. Newspapers all over the country are running the latest on the Tejada Saga. Tejada has become Rafael Furcal, until the dust settles on where Miggy will be playing in 2006; players such as Julio Lugo and Alex Gonzalez are left guessing as to where they will be. The Marlins signed Wes Helms, a name I threw out a few weeks back….I think the Cubs missed on that one and the Fish are getting better….look out. There were several names that got added to the Cubs Rumor Mill on Friday including Barry Zito and Marquis Grissom.

According to a report by Dave Kaplan on WGN Radio on Friday morning, the Cubs have been talking to the Oakland A’s about Barry Zito. An article late on Friday from the Chicago Tribune confirmed that report and said the officials close to both teams indicated there has not been any communication since early December. A reader of the CCO brought this to my attention on Friday….thanks Doug for the tip….

In the same article concerning Barry Zito, Paul Sullivan mentioned the Cubs interest in free-agent Marquis Grissom. According to the article, “….the Cubs are expected to begin offering non-guaranteed contracts to a few players for spring training. Among those the Cubs likely will bring in for a look is center fielder Marquis Grissom, who turns 39 next April….” I do not understand this at all….help….

Miguel Tejada….Miguel Tejada….Miguel Tejada….I have not typed his name enough in the last week… Can he not keep his mouth shut? What is going on with this guy? According to an article in the Tampa Tribune, the Orioles were close to acquiring Aubrey Huff from the Devil Rays on Wednesday but the Orioles were not willing to pay the price and the Orioles signed Jeromy Burnitz. This and the signing of Jeff Conine has apparently done nothing but infuriate Tejada and according to several reports the Red Sox have now offered Matt Clement and Manny Ramirez to the O’s for Miggy. The White Sox have apparently turned up the heat to acquire him as well. Several reports out of Tampa have indicated that Julio Lugo’s future is uncertain until the Red Sox make a decision on Tejada and the same article mentions Red Sox could pursue free-agent Alex Gonzalez.

The pursuit of Tejada could leave a lot of teams short for the start of Spring Training. If the Cubs are still interested, Jim Hendry MUST put a time frame on these negotiations and STICK to them. Hendry cannot allow the pursuit of one player effect the entire off-season of the Cubs. This is a HUGE year for both Hendry and Dusty Baker and not continuing to try to improve this team could end the Hendry/Baker regime on the Northside of Chicago.

I cannot believe 2005 is over. It has been a GREAT year here at Chicago Cubs Online. I really appreciate all of the support everyone has given this site and 2006 should be very exciting here at the CCO. If anyone would like to share your New Year’s Resolutions….feel free….2006….I cannot believe it!!!

Happy New Year from everyone here at Chicago Cubs Online….

Well that’s the news on the last day of 2005, and I’m sticking to it!!!!

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