The Cubs Off-Season Report – 12/29/05

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The Major League Hot Stove made a lot of noise on Wednesday. Teams are not taking a break during the Holiday Season. The White Sox made a BIG signing on Wednesday by extending the contract of Jon Garland. The contract has been reported to be worth 3 years, $29 million. The Rangers inked Kevin Millwood and former Cub Jeromy Burnitz found a home in Baltimore. The White Sox continued to kick the Cubs and the rumors continued to fly around concerning the Prior/Tejada trade. Plus those pesky Bucs got even better.

There was more speculation on Corey Patterson and I have questions about a name that is being kicked around the CCO: Wade Miller.

When I heard the about the White Sox signing of Jon Garland, as usual the first thing I thought of is ‘How is this going to effect the Cubs?’ I immediately thought of the report out of Baltimore on Monday that stated the White Sox are one of the teams that has expressed interest in Miguel Tejada. The Sox now have the starting pitching to trade that the Orioles are reportedly asking for. I was listening to XM on Wednesday night and Holden Kushner brought up the same scenario. Could the Sox actually end up helping the Cubs?

Speaking of the White Sox, ESPN Radio reported the Associated Press has named the White Sox winning the World Series the Top Sports Story of 2005. GREAT?!?!

According to several reports out of Baltimore on Wednesday night, the Orioles have agreed to a 2-year, $12 million dollar deal with former Cub Jeromy Burnitz. XM Radio, CBS Sportsline and ESPN are all reporting the deal.

According to and XM Radio the Pittsburgh Pirates have agreed to a 1-year deal with free agent third baseman Joe Randa. The Pirates are putting together a VERY good team for 2006.

There were several reports on Wednesday concerning the Mark Prior/Miguel Tejada trade. A report from the Chicago Tribune said there was not a deal ‘on the table’; another report from the Daily Herald mentioned the same. These are RUMORS and this is what makes the baseball off-season special. The key is to find credible sources, like Ken Rosenthal, and not to listen to everything that ‘you hear’. Certain reporters just pull trade scenarios out of the air, Phil Rogers, but certain reporters have earned the right to be listened to. Whether all of the talk about Tejada for Prior is true or not, only time will tell, but the fact is that trade was the second trade rumor that has surfaced about Mark Prior this off-season. Are the Cubs shopping Prior? Also late on Wednesday there was a report on CBS Sportsline that said the Orioles are no longer considering a trade for Tejada. The report stated, “There is absolutely no deal we find acceptable to trade this very special player to another team, an Orioles official said.” We will all have to wait and see what the Opening Day line-up looks like in Cincinnati.

Corey Patterson was brought up on Fantasy Focus on Wednesday. Jeff Erickson said the Cubs are looking to move Patterson and the fact that Corey did not play Winter Ball really hurt his standing with the organization. Erickson said Patterson has lost a lot of value, but he could see Patterson ending up in Boston.

There has been a lot of interest by the Cubs Faithful in free-agent Wade Miller. I did research Wednesday night in an attempt to dig up any news on Miller. The only report I could find was on According to that report, after his shoulder surgery in September, Miller is scheduled to start throwing again in February and the Red Sox are interested in signing him to a minor league deal. I could not find any additional information regarding any other teams showing interest in Miller. Has anyone read any other reports concerning Wade Miller? Jim Hendry has shown he likes signing pitchers coming back from arm trouble and based on Miller’s past performance I feel this could be a very good risk for the Cubs. If anyone has any news links, please pass them along….

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