The Cubs Are On XM Radio

XM Radio and the Chicago Cubs

Welcome to Black Friday. As the holiday shopping season begins today, everyone should keep XM Radio in mind for the baseball fan in your life. Satellite radio is definitely the wave of the future. You get commercial free music, news channels, sports channels and BASEBALL. XM Radio is no longer just for the car; it has become portable and recordable.

I had been hearing a lot about XM and everyone I talked to loved it. So last February right before Spring Training I did something out of character, I bought this radio on a spur of the moment decision. I always do research and find out where the best deal is, etc. But not on that day, I just bought it and my biggest concern became would I be able to hear Pat Hughes and Ron Santo call the games or would it be announcers I do not know or worse yet, I do not like.

As you all can tell, I am not in the Chicago area so the only time I got to hear Pat and Ron (or the Cubs in general) was when I was in the area. If you are an out of town fan of any team YOU MUST GET THIS RADIO. I listen to my Delphi MyFi xm2go at work, in my office, in my car and even working in my yard. Every Cubs game was on XM last year and even though they do not guarantee it, I did get every Cubs game…. and my wife did as well – so I have to be nice to her during the off-season.

While I was listening to the Show with Rob Dibble and Kevin Kennedy a few weeks back, a caller told Rob and Kevin that ‘XM Radio is the Best Thing for Baseball….since Baseball’ and I agree. I am a Cubs fan and only a Cubs fan, so it is hard to listen to the other teams announcers. The way XM does the broadcasts is they telecast the home team’s broadcasters. So if the Cubs are in L.A. you hear Vin Scully (who was incredible to listen to) or Mike Shannon in St. Louis or Milo Hamilton in Houston (do not get me started) or Bob Uecker in Milwaukee (he is awesome as well). So the plus is you do not have to be near a computer, or a TV or wait for the ticker to get the Cubs score or a play-by-play of the game but the downside is you have to hear the other announcers celebrating their team’s victories.

There is a monthly fee and you can pay 1 year, 2 years or 3 years at a time and XM offers several different tuners to fit your needs. XM also offers family plans that discount your second receiver, etc. and I am looking into getting another one.

Yes, XM Radio can add to the frustration of being a Cubs fan, but it also adds to the fun. If you have the means to pick one up, I highly recommend it.

Delphi Radio….$149.99
Monthly fee….$12.95
Being able to listen to every Cubs game….PRICELESS.

Quote of the Day

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