THE Cubs Off-Season Rumor

The BIGGEST Cubs Rumor

I thought the Cubs Rumor Mill and Hot Stove would take a long weekend off, but boy was I wrong. There is a report in ‘Cubs News From The Wire (scroll down) from and Yahoo Sports titled ‘Hot Stove: The Greatest Infield Ever?’ that is UNBELIEVABLE. This one is the BIGGEST RUMOR of them all.

The report says the Cubs have all but finalized a deal the would bring Rafael Furcal to the Cubs for the next 5 years with a mutual option for a 6th year and could pay Furcal as much as $100 million with significant performance bonuses. I heard on ESPN 1000 in Chicago yesterday the Cubs were going to offer Furcal a 4 year deal in the $36 million dollar range….but that’s what rumors are. Here is the big one….

The Cubs could make one more deal that could give them the arguably best infield in in history. The Cubs are close to a 7 player trade with the Texas Rangers that would bring Alfonso Soriano and Kevin Mench to the Northside in exchange for Jerome Williams, Todd Walker, Ronny Cedeno and 3 minor league prospects that would include David Aardsma. The two clubs have agreed on the players. but according to the report the only hold up is what deal Soriano could get in Chicago.

I will reserve my opinion for now, but I will say I do not like losing Ronny Cedeno and gaining a VERY weak fielder in Alfonso Soriano. I am concerned what kind of team chemistry would exist on the Northside.

Stay VERY tuned to this one. This could be the ‘splash’ the Cubs need??!!??

Quote of the Day

"Every strike brings me closer to the next home run." - Babe Ruth