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All Major League teams lost their exclusive rights to negotiate with their team’s free agents on Thursday, November 10th. And with the General Manager’s meeting ending on Friday, November 11th, the rumors are really starting to heat up. The Cubs have been mentioned in possible deals with Hideki Matsui, Nomar Garciaparra, A.J. Burnett and Juan Pierre.

According to Miami, the Cubs and Marlins have started talking about a multi-team trade and the two names that have been mentioned are Corey Patterson and Juan Pierre.

The mention of Juan Pierre and the Cubs is very interesting. There were rumors at the trade deadline (2005) that the Cubs were interested in trading for Pierre at that time. According to Miami, there are two reports that confirm the discussions. Although Pierre had a sub par season (for him) last year, he would definitely be an upgrade for the Cubs. Pierre is young and would relieve pressure on Felix Pie to have to perform in 2006. The Cubs are really pushing Pie and I am afraid he is too young (20 years old) and is not ready for the Major Leagues. A trade for Pierre could solve their leadoff issues and could allow Pie the time to mature in the Minors. I like the possibility of Juan Pierre becoming a Cub. The Cubs should not forget Kenny Lofton either….a little depth on the bench would be nice.

The Cubs have met with the agent for Nomar Garciaparra, according to the Chicago Tribune. Nothing has leaked about a possible return to Chicago, but in the same report, Nomar said he would be interested in playing third base for the Dodgers and his agent (Arn Tellem) is supposed to meet with the Dodgers before the end of the weekend. I hope Nomar stays but with every passing day, that is looking less and less possible.

Another report from the Chicago Tribune says the Cubs are interested in Hideki Matsui. I did not see this coming and I am shocked. I was listening to the Dan Patrick Show on ESPN Radio the other day and they were saying that Matsui always dreamed of playing for the New York Yankees and if he ever left the Yankees he would probably return to Japan. The report says if Matsui does not resign with the Yankees, he could be an option for the Cubs and would be able to move from left field to right field. Matsui would definitely add a very good left handed bat and would make the middle of the line up for the Cubs (Derrek Lee and Aramis Ramirez) one of the strongest in the league. Stay tuned for this one….the thought of Matsui in a Cub uniform is very intriguing.

Another report from the Miami mentioned the Cubs are 1 of 22 teams that have contacted the agent for A.J. Burnett. I have already said what I think of Burnett, the Cubs should not walk away from this guy….they should run!!!

Also, the Cardinals are in the mix for Brian Giles. I hear the Cards want him to replace Larry Walker and the rumor is the Giles brothers (Brian and Marcus) want to play together. Could the second Evil Empire strike again?

That is the latest on the Cubs rumor front. The next few weeks should be interesting.

143 Days until Opening Day 2006 in Cincinnati.

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