The ‘B’ Word

(from BNB)

I was listening to the Angels-Yankees game tonight on ESPN radio. And there was a play where a fan almost interfered with a ball near the seats in the left field foul area. Does this sound familiar? The Angels’ outfielder made the catch…then Dave Campbell blurts out ‘That was almost like Steve Bartman’.

Almost like Steve Bartman??? Will the Cubs Faithful ever get a break from that horrible night?

I said it the day after and I will say it 2 years later…Bartman did not cost the Cubs the game…he changed it. I think Alou would have caught the doubt. But Alex Gonzalez should have turned the double-play. He did not. The Cubs still had game 7. And they lost.

I did not sleep that night. That moment in time kept playing in my head. I remember looking at my wife and saying ‘5 more outs’, then all (blank) broke loose. I still get sick when I think of what could have been. I still root for the team playing the Marlins. One day all of the curses and goats and Steve Bartman will be erased.

The Red Sox got rid of their’s last year. Now there is hope for the Cubs Faithful. It is amazing how the mention of one person’s name can bring back such bad memories.

Quote of the Day

"Build up your weaknesses until they become your strong points." – Knute Rockne