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Cubs 4 Astros 6

The last day of the baseball season is usually a very sad day for me…and today is no different. I am a HUGE football fan, but baseball(and the Cubs) are my first love.

I get used to watching and listening everyday for 6 months…see how the team did, who’s pitching tomorrow, etc.

Baseball is unlike every other sport, it takes a commitment to keep up with your team and the teams in their division for 162 games. With football, it is basically 1 day a week. With baseball it is 7 days a week for 6 months, just ask my wife she hears it all (she will also tell you she is the best wife in the world). So I guess the plans I have with this blog and my new site will fill some void until Spring Training in March.

Anyway today’s game…. The Cubs got to watch their 2nd celebration of the year today. The Cardinals celebrated the Division Championship at Wrigley and the Astros celebrated the Wild Card today. Maybe this will leave an impression over the long winter that will make whoever is left more hungry. I am not going to recap the game…they lost and the season is over. Next year starts tomorrow.

I did want to list the opening day lineup and today’s lineup…pay attention to the changes.

Today’s Lineup: Patterson Macias Lee Nomar(3B)Burnitz Barrett Murton Perez Maddux (off the bench or bullpen) Grieve Walker Theriot Wuertz Ohman Van Buren Hill

Opening Day: Patterson Walker Nomar(SS) Ramirez Burnitz Lee Hollandsworth Barrett Zambrano (off the bench or bullpen) Hariston Perez Macias Dubois Bartosh Wellenmeyer Rusch


Derrek Lee did win the 2005 National League Batting Championship. Lee is the first Cub to win since Bill Buckner in 1980. Lee finished with a Major League best .335 average. Lee had a great year and I will talk about him in the Year in Review.

Keep reading the Cubs Faithful. Watch for changes and a new address coming soon. I have some cool stuff planned for the offseason.

Until then….Opening Day 2006….April 3rd in Cincinnati!!!

Quote of the Day

"Don’t ever permit the pressure to exceed the pleasure." - Joe Maddon