From One Cubs Fan To Another

This is the time of year that most Cubs fans have plenty of spare time…and this year is no different. With the fact the White Sox are in the World Series, this year is even more difficult. It took me almost a decade to switch my wife from the ‘Wrongside’ to the ‘Northside’ and now I feel I owe her an apology. She was raised a Sox fan and most of her family still is. It seems like every time I turn on the TV or the radio, someone is making a reference to that dreadful night 2 years ago.

I am not going to rehash what happened…we all know. But a few days after (in 2003), I ran across an AWESOME article in The Tennessean. Apparently the beat writer for the Tennessee Titans at the time, Jeff Legwold, is a huge Cubs fan and wrote a very heartfelt article about that night.

I would suggest purchasing this article: from the Tennessean 118 Once again Cubs leave this lifelong fan brokenhearted October 17, 2003 792 words ID: nsh2003103009395641. Use the search engine for Jeff Legwold in 2003, it is article #118. If you have problems finding it, let me know and I will help.

Legwold really hits home on several accounts.

In his article, Legwold states: ‘So the Cubs aren’t in the World Series. Big Deal, they’re never in the World Series. It’s just baseball. It’s just a silly stick-and-ball game played by many who don’t appreciate the fruits of their labors. Just stinking, rotten, awful, rip-my-entrails-out baseball. Before the yuppie invasion of the greatest neighborhood baseball park in the universe, a lot of us would sit in the bleachers in Wrigley Field and start sentences with “if the Cubbies get to the World Series before I’m dead…” Legwold goes on to describe his experiences growing up a Cubs fan and the time he sat and talked with Ernie Banks, his tales of listening to Jack Brickhouse and playing ball behind the White Hen.

He goes on to state: ‘It’s always something with the Cubs. Stretch fades, bad pitching and bad bounces. They put lights on the roof of the old ballyard to keep the fellas out of the August sun. That didn’t help. They put Mark Prior and Kerry Wood in the rotation -the best young tandem the team has had since television was born -that didn’t help. So we wait for the parade that might never come.’ He goes on to talk about his father and how his father had listened to the Cubs in the ’45 World Series while overseas in WWII. Legwold finishes his article with: ‘Just over 11 years ago my friend Mark gave me a fitted Cubs hat, perfect in every way. Almost too nice to wear. My pop took one look at the hat and said; “that will look good in the World Series. Save it for that.” The Cubs never made it back (to the World Series) before he died in 1995. The hat still sits quietly on my shelf, down near the sweaters you don’t have to wear down here. It’s ridden in five moving vans since, but never worn. It was five outs from daylight. Five.’

Last year for Christmas, my wife gave me a ‘W’ flag and I never opened it. All last winter, I kept trying to figure out how am I going to fly that flag. I cannot have it up on the days they lose. Taking that flag up and down at Midnight after a West Coast Game is going to stink. My neighbors are going to hate that thing. Some might even think it is a political statement. What I am going to do? Then I remembered this article and Legwold’s hat. I thought to myself…what would be the ultimate reason to fly the ‘W’ flag? When the Cubs win the World Series. So I boxed up that flag and put it in the attic.

I hope my flag and his hat will one day see the light.

Thank you Jeff!!!

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