Wake Me When It’s Over

(from BNB)

Cubs 2 Pirates 3

The Cubs were at Wrigley today, to bad they forgot to play a game. The Cubs were swept in a 2 game series by the Pirates. For the second straight day, the Cubs offense made another Pirate Rookie look like a Seasoned Vet.

The Cubs had plenty of chances today. In the 5th, the Cubs had first and third with one out and failed to score. And in the bottom of the 9th, the bases were loaded with no outs and the Cubs failed to score…again.

The past 2 seasons of lack of ‘small ball’ is DRIVING ME CRAZY. The one positive that came out of the 5th inning mess, was that Matt Murton (a rookie), hit a ground ball to score a run. Murton…did I mention he is a rookie…gave himself up for the good of the team…not himself. Until the Cubs find more players like Murton and Derrek Lee, we will continue to watch(or listen) to them lose.

Today was just awful. Santo sounded like I felt. Santo is not going with the Cubs to Houston to finish the season, so he gets to remember this horrible effort for the next 4 1/2 months. To add insult to injury, Ryan Theriot was supposed to start the game and was pulled due to illness. Is Dusty going to have enough guys to finish the season? Where is Hawkeye Pierce when you need him? The Cubbies fly to Houston tonight to finish the season with the Astros.

Time for the Juice Box and the horrible Astros announcers.

Thursday – Glendon Rusch(8-8/4.62) vs. Wandy Rodriguez(10-9/5.62)

This is a rematch of the September 23rd game that Glendon Rusch won. It would be great if the Cubs could sweep the Astros this weekend, finish .500 and end the Astros season(I guess I am sleeping). I just hope the guys make a good showing in Houston. It is going to be hard enough to hear them celebrate their playoff birth….I just hope the games are close and the Cubbies make them earn it. The Cubs have been a better road team this year…so who knows.

Keep Hamilton and Ashby quiet, be patient…and beat the (blankin’) Astros!!!!

Quote of the Day

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." - Albert Einstein